Author Lance Kramer and illustrator Steven Weinberg are available to speak at schools about their book, “Great Ancient China Projects.”

Our program combines exciting history lessons about Ancient China, stories from our travels and teaching in China and Ethiopia, and inspiring anecdotes for students on how to become an author or an illustrator. The presentations typically include a hands-on building project from our book, bringing to life an invention from Ancient China, like an abacus, miniature yurt model or homemade kite.

Lance and Steven have presented at schools and bookstores on the West Coast and in the DC area. Past engagements have included Bethesda Elementary in Bethesda, Maryland; Potomac Elementary in Potomac, Maryland; Powell’s Books in Portland, Oregon; Airplay Cafe in Portland, Oregon; and a private book-signing in Bethesda; Maryland.

Presentation sizes and lengths have varied from large audiences of 100+ students at a time, to multiple smaller-class sessions throughout the day of 25-40 students. The presentations are geared towards students in 3rd-5th grades and usual presentation length runs from 45 minutes to 1 hour each.

When a presentation is scheduled, books with a personalized dedication and signature are also made available for students and families to order at a discounted rate.

Lance and Steven are flexible and excited to work with you to develop a program that best fits the needs of your school and students. For more information on scheduling and speaking rates, please contact or 240-620-8189. For more info on Steven and to see more of his artwork, visit


“I think one of the greatest parts of the presentation was the author’s emphasis on how the things they liked to do as kids carried them through school and how they were able to continue to enjoy doing those things as adults — writing and drawing.  The hands-on approach to the activities was great too.”

Jeanine Derr, Grade 3 Teacher, Bethesda Elementary

“The students at B.E. definitely benefitted from the visit of Lance & Steven to our school.  As a classroom teacher, I enjoyed listening to them talk about writing.  Not only did they talk about writing & illustrating their book but they took the kids from the beginning of their writing “careers” in the third grade all the way up to the present time.  In fact, they still had their books they had produced in third grade which they shared with the kids!…the kids came back to the classroom talking all about the activities.”

Christopher Zukowski, Grade 3 Teacher, Bethesda Elementary

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