Support Healthy Schools and Healthy Communities: Don’t let Big Soda Buy our Council Members’ Votes

Last year, the DC Department of Health found that 43% of students enrolled in our DC public schools were overweight or obese — one of the highest rates in the nation. These students live in a city where over half of the adult population is overweight or obese.  In some neighborhoods, the percentage of overweight or obese adults can be as high as 70%.

On May 4, the DC City Council unanimously passed a groundbreaking piece of legislation called the ‘DC Healthy Schools Act’ to fight this problem. Building off many of the ideas in Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign, the DC Healthy Schools Act tackles the obesity problem on several fronts.  The school lunch program will be reformed, with enhanced nutritional standards and a strong emphasis on bringing fresh, local fruits and vegetables to schools.  Physical and health education will be increased threefold.  And through a new school garden program, students will have a hands-on nutrition education and be empowered to make healthier eating choices. Continue reading

BARS: “The Cave”

From Willamette Week, 6/11/08:

SUBTERRANEAN BLISS: With the hominess of a house show, the covert charm of a speakeasy, a menu filled with delicious-sounding cheap Persian vegetarian specialties and bric-a-brac décor recalling a ’50s beatnik cafe, The Cave (636 SW Jackson St., 274-4294) is an unpretentious blessing to Portland jazz. Continue reading

BARS: “Yen-Ha”

From Willamette Week’s “DRINK GUIDE 2008”:

Entering Yen Ha is like going to a Saigon speakeasy: Walk through the often-empty storefront dining area, through the back door, and discover the wonders of this dingy-ass, smells-like-shit time warp filled with good people, loads of booze and cheap Vietnamese eats. Continue reading

BARS: “Scandals”

From Willamette Week’s “DRINK GUIDE 2008”:

The nouveau-styled, airport-loungy Scandals is an all-boys stronghold, where there’s no door to the men’s room and flat-screen televisions regularly show scantily clad, sculpted gentlemen walking down runways. Continue reading

FOOD: “Pause Kitchen”

From Willamette Week’s “DRINK GUIDE 2008”:

Belly grumbling for tasty grub and good drink? It’s almost worth pulling the emergency alarm on the MAX, so the conductor will screetch to a stop and let you off right in front of Pause. With a picnic table-laden, homey fenced-in backyard patio and a tasteful, TV-less dining room, it’s hard not to enjoy the no-frills, clean-air atmosphere at Pause. Continue reading

BARS: “Imbibe”

From Willamette Week’s “DRINK GUIDE 2008”:

If Imbibe’s “take it in” tagline were applied to any neighboring bar along Southeast Hawthorne, it’d probably refer to inhaling the thick cloud of cigarette smoke. But at Imbibe, the air’s a little cleaner—so we assume they’d like us to soak up the bar’s carefully crafted atmosphere. Continue reading

BARS: “Ash Street Saloon”

From Willamette Week’s “DRINK GUIDE 2008”:

Any joint that has a Pirates of the Caribbean pinball machine is fine by me. Besides offering a place to destroy the Kraken, the Ash Street is a major fixture of downtown’s decidedly non-Barracuda nightlife, hosting one of the city’s heftiest lineups of local and West Coast live rock seven nights a week, with a sound system that’s appropriately turned up to 11. Continue reading