MusicFestNW 2008

From Willamette Week’s MusicFestNW 2008 Guide:

Trio Subtonic:

[FUNKY JAZZ] In the spirit of Medeski, Martin & Wood, Trio Subtonic’s Galen Clark, Jesse Brook and Bill Athens almost always manage to inject a healthy dose of funk into their jazz experiments. The Portland trio’s style also has a diverse range — drawing from influences as diverse as Brazilian traditional rhythms and the turntablist wizardry of DJ Papercuts.

Strangers Die Every Day:

[ELEGIAC CHAMBER PUNK] This part orchestral, part prog-rock outfit from Portland combines cello, drums, bass and violin in intense, emotional and spine-tingling atmospheric compositions that sound like Hollywood’s next brilliant film score. Fixate your pupils on the band’s impressive virtuosity.

Bodies of Water:

[WESTERN POP] Hailing from the City of Angels’ Highland Park, Bodies of Water packs infectious hooks, communal harmonic chants, tinges of a spaghetti western soundtrack and the occasional trombone, glockenspiel and/or viola into a most vicacious and larger-than-life sound nestled somewhere between Polyphonic Spree and Ennio Morricone.

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