BARS: “Ash Street Saloon”

From Willamette Week’s “DRINK GUIDE 2008”:

Any joint that has a Pirates of the Caribbean pinball machine is fine by me. Besides offering a place to destroy the Kraken, the Ash Street is a major fixture of downtown’s decidedly non-Barracuda nightlife, hosting one of the city’s heftiest lineups of local and West Coast live rock seven nights a week, with a sound system that’s appropriately turned up to 11. If your geriatric ears can’t hear conversation indoors, take a step outside to the closed-in patio. Greasy happy-hour food is cheap ($2.50 chicken strips, grilled cheese, French fry plate, Polish dogs) and recalls the nostalgic flavors of an elementary school cafeteria. But your elementary school probably didn’t have $1 PBR specials. 
Perfect Patron: Rock-’n’-roll pinball wizard. HAPPY HOUR 4-8 PM MONDAY-FRIDAY: $2.50 MENU, $1 DOMESTICS, $2.50 WELL DRINKS AND MICROBREWS. GAMES, VIDEO POKER, PATIO, JUKEBOX, LIVE MUSIC, OPEN MIC. 225 SW Ash St. 226-0430.


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