MUSIC: “Goldfinger”

From Willamette Week, 4/23/08:

Six years ago, I took my little brother to see the ska-punk outfit Goldfinger in Washington, D.C. About halfway through the set, drummer Darrin Pfeiffer set down his sticks and came to the front of the stage with a proposition. One lucky fan would have the chance to hang out with Goldfinger after the show—if he or she ate a Twinkie out of Pfeiffer’s ass. “Dangerous Darrin” then pulled down his trousers, bent over and shoved a freshly unpackaged Twinkie relatively far up his rectum. Sure enough, an overweight, balding man in his late 30s jumped onstage and devoured the cream-filled pastry out of the percussionist’s anus, then screamed in joy and ecstasy. My little brother used to love Twinkies. For better or worse, there’s not much else like seeing Goldfinger in concert. LANCE KRAMER. At the Hawthorne Theatre, Monday, April 28, 8 pm. $18.50 advance, $20 day of show. All ages.


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