FILM REVIEW: “Irina Palm”

From Willamette Week, 2/6/08 [Portland International Film Festival Coverage]:

If you get sick with leukemia, and your grandmother is willing to take a job jacking off bald men who stick their penises through a glory hole in the back room of a dingy London sex shop, and she’s doing it to help pay for you to fly to Australia for an experimental medical treatment—it’s probably a pretty good sign that she loves you. It’s also a brilliant premise for a movie. Irina Palm is hands-turned-sideways the best film about a masturbating grandmother since Cocoon (go back and watch the deleted scenes; Ron Howard was a perv). This is an intelligent, dramatic, well-acted, funny, tragic and extremely nuanced film about desperation, family and hand jobs. Don’t miss this movie. LANCE KRAMER. 


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