MUSIC: “Anoushka Shankar”

From Willamette Week, 3/26/08:

Goddamn, Ravi Shankar’s loins are an impressive institution. While he was in his 60s, those magical things brought both Norah Jones and sitar prodigy Anoushka Shankar into the world. With daddy as her teacher, the 26-year-old Anoushka has grown far beyond being just “Ravi Shankar’s daughter”—she’s emerged as one of the planet’s foremost Indian and world music pioneers. Anoushka’s newest album, Breathing Under Water (featuring guests like her father, half-sister Jones and even Sting), keeps the haunting virtuosity of her sitar at the forefront of each number, but fuses it with hypnotic chants, frenetic industrial and trance beats, and experimental, electronic awesomeness. When it comes to the delicious mind-fuck of the sitar—it doesn’t get any better than the Shankars. LANCE KRAMER. Aladdin Theater, Tuesday, April 1, 2008, 3017 SE Milwaukie Ave., 233-1994.


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