FILM REVIEW: “River Ways”

From Willamette Week, 4/2/08:

Portland-based director Colin Stryker’s doc River Ways offers a good introduction to the Pacific Northwest’s salmon crisis, using the example of Washington’s Snake River to discuss the benefits and implications of removing manmade dams. Continue reading

FILM REVIEW: “OSS 117: Cairo – Nest of Spies”

From Willamette Week, 2/13/08 [Portland International Film Festival Coverage]:

[FRANCE] With the charm of Austin Powers, the looks of James Bond and the aloofness of Inspector Clouseau, Hubert Bonisseur de La Bath (a.k.a. Special Agent OSS 117), is a bravado, tall, tan, hairy-chested, racist, imperialist, womanizing, homophobic spy who’ll kill a Nazi and screw a head of state’s busty niece in the same breath. Continue reading

MUSIC: “Goldfinger”

From Willamette Week, 4/23/08:

Six years ago, I took my little brother to see the ska-punk outfit Goldfinger in Washington, D.C. About halfway through the set, drummer Darrin Pfeiffer set down his sticks and came to the front of the stage with a proposition. One lucky fan would have the chance to hang out with Goldfinger after the show—if he or she ate a Twinkie out of Pfeiffer’s ass. Continue reading

FOOD: “Malay Satay Hut”

From Willamette Week’s “Cheap Eats” Guide to Portland 2008:

Suck it up and wade through the endless used-car lots and payday loan vendors on Southeast 82nd Avenue until you reach Malay Satay Hut, Portland’s favorite Seattle import. Continue reading

FOOD: “Toji Korean Grill”

From Willamette Week’s “Cheap Eats” Guide to Portland 2008:

Before you fire up the grill on top of your table at Toji, slurp a bowl of miso soup ($2.50) and some japchae ($7.50), a sweet dish of stir-fried sweet-potato noodles with onions, carrots, zucchini and shiitake ’shrooms. Continue reading

FOOD: “Sub Rosa”

From Willamette Week’s “Cheap Eats” Guide to Portland 2008:

The sign says Sub Rosa is a “friendly neighborhood joint,” and that’s a pretty fair description—a stone’s throw from the Clinton Street Theater, this is a small, quiet, relaxed spot with super-personable service. Continue reading

FOOD: “Zach’s Shack”

From Willamette Week’s “Cheap Eats” Guide to Portland 2008:

Landlord won’t let you have pets? Get your weekly dog fix from Zach’s Shack, Hawthorne’s beloved neighborhood late-night wiener hook-up. We love Zach, a Maryland émigré, for his outdoor ping-pong, tabletop Ms. Pac Man and killer tunes on the jukebox. Continue reading

FOOD: “The Blue Nile”

From Willamette Week’s “Cheap Eats” Guide to Portland 2008:

Besides the rain, there’s not too much that Portland and Addis Ababa share in common—but we’ve still got a surprising amount of good, spongy injera within city limits. Continue reading

FOOD: “The Bakery Bar”

From Willamette Week’s “Cheap Eats” Guide to Portland 2008:

Sunny Bakery Bar serves the eastside working world that’s sprung up down by the water among revitalized industrial brick buildings and the bumpiest asphalt in town. Continue reading

FILM REVIEW: “Blindsight”

From Willamette Week, 4/16/08:

The world needs another story about Mount Everest like Wilt Chamberlain needed another sex partner in the ’70s. But if you thought everything about the planet’s tallest mound o’ powder has been said and done, Lucy Walker’s documentary Blindsight offers a strong, fresh and inspiring narrative. Continue reading