FILM REVIEW: “August Rush”

From Willamette Week, 11/21/07:

For anyone who’s ever stayed up late trying to get good at something, director Kirsten Sheridan’s August Rush is insulting. Little August (Freddie Highmore), the love child of a renowned concert cellist (Keri Russell) and an Irish rock guitarist (Jonathan Rhys Meyers), is put up for adoption and spends his life in an orphanage, until he escapes and sets out on a journey to New York City to find his real parents. Turns out he’s an uncanny musical prodigy, and can master just about any instrument within five minutes of touching it. After a series of urban misadventures, his talent is discovered by Robin Williams, playing a street-musician pimp dressed like Bono. And soon enough, August is picked up by Juilliard and performing his compositions in Central Park. It all sounds peachy keen, but accepting that August is the new millennial Mozart and, beyond that, ingesting August Rush’s shopping cart full of all-too-convenient plot points, rampant clichés (someone actually says, “Run, August, run!” with a straight face) and overbearing narration requires more suspension of disbelief than it’s worth. LANCE KRAMER.


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