FILM REVIEW: “Mr. Bean’s Holiday”

From Willamette Week, 8/22/07:

Like a handjob from a porcupine, 1997’s “Bean” was painful, because it committed two major sins in Rowan Atkinson’s bizarre, imported comic world of Bean-ology. First, it had a plot, and second, people talked too much. But where the original Bean movie put a plastic bag over its own head, “Mr. Bean’s Holiday” is surprisingly good. Continue reading

FILM REVIEW: “The Warriors”

From Willamette Week, 8/15/07:

After the Warriors are blamed for assassinating gang leader extraordinaire Cyrus during a late night hooligan convention, every chain-toting gang member from the West Village to Flatbush Avenue goes on a mission to beat the shit out of the Coney Island thugs. Continue reading