FILM REVIEW: “The Page Turner”

From Willamette Week, 5/9/07:

Sorry: The Page Turner is not the highly anticipated sequel to the classic 1994 Macaulay Culkin magnum opus The Pagemaster. Rather, Denis Dercourt’s movie is a kind of Kill Bill for the world of French bourgeoisie classical piano recitals—a place where being a rebellious kid means practicing Johann Bach with the metronome set to 160.

Déborah François plays Mélanie, a sexy, super-cute au pair who is out to exact revenge on Ariane, the wealthy piano virtuoso who once crushed Mélanie’s dreams of becoming the next Beethoven. Through a twist of fate convenient for plot purposes, Mélanie ends up as Ariane’s page turner, the essential but oft-forgotten person who flips sheet music at just the right moment during performances. This sets the stage for Ariane and Mélanie to develop a complex and creepy relationship full of secrets, deception and bridled romance. The trailer for The Page Turner describes the film as a “thriller” and an “edge-of-the-seat experience.” I think I definitely slouched—but then again, French thrillers ratchet up the tension in other ways, like stare-downs, sexually suggestive clothing, more stare-downs, and stabbing each other in the foot with a cello stand.


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